Minature, self-contained digital thermal anemometer

Low-noise, fully-integrated local air velocity measurement

This ultra-compact constant-temperature anemometer system is fully self-contained, and is ideal for use in high-EMI environments. The electronics package is small enough to fit inside a 13 mm diameter sting, and purpose-designed robust miniature probes can be directly integrated for a complete velocity sensing package.

At a small fraction of the cost of a conventional CTA system, this miniature unit provides all the necessary functionality to carry out medium-bandwidth turbulence measurements with minimal complexity. The system also includes a constant-current (temperature) probe for temperature corrections, as well as built-in environmental sensors for humidity and density corrections, and an IMU for automated alignment.


Miniature thermal anemometry system

Wind-tunnel laboratory

Wind tunnel measurements

This system provides an ideal alternative to high-cost, high-bandwidth CTA systems for use in environments normally considered too risky for thermal anemometry. With prongs welded directly onto the PCB, The conducting path between the sensor and the micro-CTA bridge is small enough for the system to operate reliably in high-EMI enviroments. Potted in a stainless steel sting and fitted with our silicon probe, this unit can even work in particle-laden flows.

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The high cost of most commercial CTA systems, and the high fragility of conventional hot-wire and hot-film probes makes these difficult to use in educational environments. This micro-CTA system is an inexpensive, robust alternative- and the direct-to-USB signal output means that no additional data acquisition hardware is required.

Formula 1 cars going around a hairpin turn


The thermal anemometry probe offers a compact, low-cost alternative to conventional pressure-based velocity measurement, with improved bandwidth and no holes to become fouled or filled with water. This self-contained unit is small enough to tuck into otherwise inaccessible areas, and is suitable for trackside monitoring.


Robust sensing element

Robust, abrasion-resistant permanent sensing element with ultra-low calibration drift

Integrated temperature probe

Temperature sensing for self-contained calibration corrections

Absolute static pressure

Absolute static pressure and local air temperature sensors for high-accuracy data reduction;

Inertial positioning sensor

Inertial positioning sensor for automated probe alignment and vibration warn

Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor for heat-transfer corrections and condensation warning

Range of prong geometries

A range of prong diameters and lengths are available

Good bandwidth

Bandwidths up to 8 kHz are possible, depending on sensor

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition, streaming via USB; networkable via RS-485

Compact, in-line package

System fits inside a 13 mm diameter sting

Product Details

Capabilities and performance

The system features a fixed-overheat bridge, eliminating the need for user bridge adjustments and reducing the required frequency of calibration. An on-board 16-bit analogue-to-digital converter and data acquisition system allows data to be streamed either over an RS-485 network, or directly to a computer via USB.

System specifications

  • Physical dimensions: sensor package approx. 13 mm x 48 mm in OEM configuration, excluding probe and prongs
  • I/O: Data streaming to PC via USB2.0 or RS485
  • Power: 12-24VDC input (depending on desired range), or may be operated off USB power with optional USB booster
  • Digital resolution: 16-bit
  • Absolute pressure sensor specification: 300-1100 Pa FS, +/- 0.12 Pa
  • Relative humidity sensor specification: 0% – 100% RH, +/- 1%
  • IMU specification: 6-axis, range/accuracy 2g/0.061 mg; 125 dps/3.9 mdps
  • System requirements: Win7 or later, minimum 3GHz & 4Gb RAM recommended

Additional custom modifications available

  • Available as OEM unit or integrated into probe sting
  • Supplied with purpose-designed robust probe element; available also for conventional, user-installed tungsten wire.
  • Available with on-board temperature probe or external probe for temperature correction
  • Battery power and wireless telemetry module for remote operation
  • Integrated power supply and streaming serial output available for stand-alone operation
  • Custom enclosure design service available
  • USB booster available for stand-alone plug-and-play use
  • Custom software and driver development service available
  • Extended product support and warranty available